Nutrition Plan 

3 Month Commitment - weekly checkins

I provide you with a daily balance of grams of Protein, Fats, and Carbohydrates to ensure that your goals are being met. How you reach this calculated and personalized balance is up to you, making it flexible to fit within your lifestyle, goals, and values. Your macronutrient (protein, carbs & fat) profile is completely customized to you and what you wish to accomplish. Once you begin, you will find that utilizing whole foods is a much better way to maximize your “macros.” I will create your plan and motivate you to hit your numbers each while providing education along the way. 


Upon signing up and payment you will receive an Intake  questionnaire and welcome packet ( within 48 hours of receiving payment)

Once received, the questionnaire will provide me with all the information necessary to provide you with a complete and personalized macronutrient ratio. Honesty is crucial as it guides me to a better and more accurate plan that meets your goals and needs. I will work with you to establish a weekly “Check-In” day. This “Check-in” is entirely your responsibility and requires accuracy and timely effort. This will provide me with adequate information and time to adjust your plan as needed throughout the process.

What I Will Do:

· Customize a plan that will achieve your goals… and be sustainable!

· Create accountability and encouragement, we all need it!  

· Provide access to a community of others on the same journey

· Monitor your progress from week-to-week to ensure your goals are being met

· Educate you on flexible dieting and macro counting- providing more sustainability

What You Will Do:

· Track and measure all the food and drink you eat using a meal tracking app, in  My Fitness Palapp is recommended

· Weigh yourself daily and photos weekly - don’t worry, your coach is the only one that sees these! Progress tracking is important!

· Fill out your personal spreadsheet with the above items and any feedback/notes you want your coach to know, i.e. How you were feeling, workouts felt good/bad, etc.

· Check-in every 7 days on your specific Check-In day- This is vital to success!


A 3 month commitment is required at $150/month. This is not a lump sum up front of $450. You will be billed monthly for $150 for a minimum of 3 months. 

Final Thoughts:

Before you sign up, realize that in order to have life changing results and meet your goals, it requires a true commitment to the process. This includes being very real and honest with me, and with yourself. Results are only achieved through hard work and teamwork. It is time consuming, but I am here to guide you and make the process easier.