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I get asked this all the time. Test! Don’t guess. You need to get specific to understand the “why” in order to figure out “what” to do! 

For example. Are you tired? Everyone assumes it’s their cortisol. But it could also be DHEA, thyroid, iron, B vitamins, viruses, mold, Lyme, metals, neurotransmitters, food allergies or intolerances.... 

Losing your hair? It could be cortisol, testosterone, estrogen, thyroid, DHEA, norepinephrine, iron, vitamins...

Heavy periods? It could be estrogen, progesterone, thyroid, iron, vitamin C, a bleeding disorder, a polyp, a fibroid...

Not sure what supplements to take? Test. 

Not sure what foods to avoid? Test. Even an elimination diet and reintroduction is a form of testing! 

Obviously this does not take into account ANY lifestyle or situational or medication or genetic reasons. You can test genetics though. 

So, when you come to me and you give a list of things bothering you, I will suggest’s to get specific about YOU! ♥️

What test do you REALLY want to get done?