Planning your Best Year Yet : 2019

Taking time to be more mindful, pausing to reflect on your own thoughts and emotions, as well as what's happening around you, leads to a stronger and deeper connections in all aspects of your life, so let’s get started.

Within your planner we will be focusing on eliminating what's taking up your time , explore who and what that maybe and why. We will build in strategies to create a perfect day, each and every day for you that brings about peace and calm outside the daily hustle carving out time for you to grow and develop, to see places you have dreamed of, to spend more time with those you love and lost connection with.

What we do not schedule and plan for in life gets lost in your thoughts and keeps repeating until we have dealt with it.

Some Highlights

  • Cleaning Up & Purging

  • Scheduling and Organizing

  • Creativity

  • Mindfulness

  • Goals

  • Places to Travel

  • Exploring your Bucket List

  • Creating your Ideal Day

  • Understanding connection

  • How to bring into your life more happiness, inspiration, calmness

  • Daily, Weekly and Monthly Work sheets to help you stay on track.

  • AND. SO. MUCH. MORE!!!

50 Plus pages jammed packed ready for you to create the BEST Year Yet for a nominal fee.

Today is your day to sit, focus on what you want, create the life that lifts you up, so grab a coffee or tea and a big glass of water and begin to up level in a way that aligns your heart and soul as one💜 I recommend you get busy creating your upcoming year in December, but don’t sweat the small stuff and if its early January you are still on great terms to ignite the best year yet!