Functional Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Looking to take your health and lifestyle to a new level?

If so, here are some tips you may find helpful to support moving in this direction.

Filtered Water Options


Tip – you will want one 25 ounce bottle, 20 ounce travel mug and 20 ounce thermos

(avoid plastic containers can contain xenoestrogens)

Swell bottle

Hydroflask bottle - 25 ounce + 40 ounce


Home Filtration Systems – save you lots of $$$

Aquasana Water Filtration System

Reverse Osmosis System – under the counter system


  Chlorine Remover


 Unscented Epsom Bath Salts  

Sleep Hygiene


  • 10year warranty, 60-day money back guarantee. Your pillows can be the worst pollution, inhaling each night bacteria that degrade your immune system. These pillows can be washed and help induce a better night sleep!


  • A heating/cooling mattress pad. You simply place this under your bed sheets and it circulates water through the pad. What’s intriguing about this system is that it features duel-zone temperature setting. If your partner desires a warmer temperature while you desire a cooler temperature, this will help solve that.

Sleep Mask

  • Made of satin and that it covers your ears instead of having a strap that goes over your ears potentially rubs against your ear causing irritation.

More Sleep Tips

  • Avoid Caffeine – no later than 2:00 pm or 8 hours prior to bed
  • Avoid your Second wind – occurs between 10:45 – 11: oo pm so best to tuck into bed before this sets in
  • Track your Sleep – sleep cycle app, tracks for sleep, very affective!
  • Avoid bright lights including on your devices before bedtime, even 5 minutes of white light (computers, cell phones, screens shuts off your melatonin production for hours and can wreck havoc on the quality of sleep)
  • install Flux on your computer screens and devices
  • Invest in a pair of Swannies or Tru Dark Glasses to block out the blue light
  • Gratitude Prayer – verbalize what you were thankful for the day
  • Meditation before bed – Headspace is an App you can place on your phone or Oprah & Deepak App
  •  For Kids, neat App called Ananda kids – My Light Shines Bright
  • Diffuse Serenity or Lavender & Breath/Easy Air Essential Oils 20 minutes prior to bedtime to allow the room to fill with calmness, relaxation and openness. Making this a serene room to fall into a deep sleep.

PS- there is no sleep hero award for those who choose to only catch a few hours each night, the only person that really suffers is you and those you interact with, YIKES!

Salt Lamp ( Why a Salt Lamp)

Sound Spa Machine

What is this? Why do I need one?

  • Color of Noise can help you sleep more peacefully; sound is the only sensory system that remains active during our sleep. Sensitivity to sound, especially for women who have greater hearing sensitivities from birth until after menopause can find falling a sleep more challenging or likely to have interrupted sleep. Therefore, by selecting the color of noise during sleep can help mask the environment, allowing you to fall asleep

Why Turn off Wifi?

  •  Turn off the wifi in the house and place your phones on airplane mode to reduce the electromagnetic radiation frequency (EMF)
  • Further protect yourself by wearing EMF protection such as Shieldlite pendant or a Smart dot, chip in your cell phone case, placing a prism in each bedroom and a block at the main computer hub (can be purchased through or smart, assist in  absorbing up to 98% of EMF through the day or reducing the frequency

 Self Care

Tongue Scraper

  • Take a quick cool shower after your bath to close your skin pores and rub down your body with doterra butter cream
  •  Clean your face with verage skin care, essential skin care or HD Clear

Power up your day!

Bullet Proof Coffee & Brain Octane

Did you know that coffee is super high in mold and that mold can really cause a lot of symptoms in the body, YIKES!

Bullet proof coffee is test for mold in ppb.

Blend these two together and start your day with loads of clean energy, without suffering from those crashes, the feeling of jitters or anxiety. Great way to boost ketones too!


Tips for Alcohol Consumption

 Wine Drinkers - remove sulfites by using Ullo filters

  Liquor – vodka with Perrier or Pellegrino with fresh lime or lemon and lots of ice