Hi there & Welcome!

So glad you found your way to my site.

First off, I am a proud Momma to my three beautiful girlies and a GLAMMA to my 2 little girlies!

Together, with my hubs life has taken us through trials and tribulations like everyone else. And we all know a good negative story keeps people thriving. But thats not what I am about. I choose to focus on what makes a difference in lives, what speaks to peoples hearts and what I know for sure that if given an opportunity any one would choose their Health.

What has made a significant difference for us was taking the leap forward and greening up our home, getting away from those toxins that seem to be in almost everything packaged, eating clean foods AND focussing on being the CEO of our own health by running lab tests and doing targeted therapeutic protocols to balance our hormones, clean up our gut and detoxifying our bodies.  

For years I lived with anxiety,  insomnia and  hypothyroidism. I sought the assistance of Doctors for years and was given pills to address my symptoms but that never really got to the bottom of what was going on.

After years of working in the Corporate World, (meeting so many nice folks) I ended up pursuing my passion in Health and Nutrition, graduating from Functional Diagnostic Nutrition, Institute for Integrative Health and National Coaching Institute for Nutrition ,to not only remedy my own issues, but to be in a position to help others.

I specialize in Nutrition, Hormones, Thyroid Health &  Gut Health

I've come to learn 4 really important things:

1) when people have exhausted the current medical system, they are so emotionally fragile as they have taken a beating in terms of solving their symptoms. Leaving appoint after appointment with either "everything is fine" or " here is a pill to help mask that symptom"

2) People are too overwhelmed with playing Dr. Google from trying fad diets to nutritional supplements spending hard earned money seeing it go out the door and not feel any different or better

3) Finally people are not waiting to get symptoms or to be sick. They are genuinely interested in understanding what is happening to their body AND taking a proactive approach to staying healthy and addressing any issues that maybe underlying. Really getting ahead of it before it gets ahead of them.

4) Corporate entities are willing to take the proactive approach to their workers health by bringing Health and Nutrition into the workplace. Realizing that not only are they getting people better BUT they are also getting better workplaces.


Life is all about opportunities. And keeping on top of our Health and Nutrition allows us to capitalize on any given opportunity that comes our way.