Your GUT Health Starts here!

Your GUT Health Starts here!

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Chronic infections, infestations and leaky gut can cause symptoms that are far removed from the gut settling into the skin, bones, joints, causing pain, reoccurring chronic infections and so much more.

All of this is inflammation and it can wreak havoc not only in your gut but has a cascading affect throughout your entire system.

So where does this come from?

When our hormonal ( neuroendocrine system) has been weakened by stress, thyroid, adrenal, neurotransmitter, insulin and/or stress hormones it weakens our immune response. When this occurs we start to pick up GI pathogens ( known as pathogens, bacteria and fungi)  and start to develop things like food sensitivities and leaky gut.

Within our gut we are inhabited by as many as ten thousand bacterial species that weigh ~ 3 pounds, the same as our brain. 

They are referred to as our microbiome and they play a critical role in our lives. Creating balance within this ecosystem is imperative to having good gut health.

Many people have no idea that they are being plagued by parasites, bacterias and fungi - better known as yeast, however will surely be experiencing some sort of symptom.

If you are experiencing gut imbalances you are likely struggling from some or maybe all of these symptoms:

  • constipation
  • diaherria
  • cramping
  • unable to eat certain foods
  • food senstivities
  • gluten sensitivities
  • allergies
  • eczema
  • skin conditions
  • autoimmune disease
  • sinus or chronic sinus infections
  • often catch cold and flus
  • prone to ear infections
  • acne

Note: often times gut imbalances also indicate hormonal imbalances ( see more below )

As mentioned, inflammation in the gut can cause Leaky gut.

Food sensitivities, gluten, poor diet habits,  dybiosis ( imbalance of good and bad bacteria) pathogens, over the counter medications, antibiotics all play a key role in creating a leaky gut

Note: food sensitivity testing is available for all ages

All of this compromises your immune system.

Leaky gut, pathogens and dysbiosis can go undetected for years and it keeps your body in a state of chronic stress, the longer the stress the more certain the progression. 

These do not belong in your system, they load up the blood stream, the liver gets congested from the inflammation and toxins that come off the bugs having an affect on metabolism interfering with normal metabolism.

All of this affects elimination, junks up your detoxification pathways such as your liver, lymph and kidneys and they can break down your mucosal barrier.

When bugs take up residence and multiply they create this thing called biofilm ( think of the ghostbusters green slime) whereby toxic conditions are formed from the byproduct of bug poo and their juices. These by products can increase oxidative stress levels and add congestion to the liver along with dysfunction.

It is also worthy to note that food sensitivities can become more prevalent.

The good news is overcoming your poor GUT Health starts with you taking back your power and refusing to accept these symptoms as being your normal.

Healing your Gut starts with understanding what is going on down there.

Currently I run a GI panel on all my clients. Why? Because the gut is the way your body digests, absorbs and assimilates nutrients. Poor gut function almost always leads to fatigue, brain fog and poor health.

  • Easy at-home collection

  • Ships to North American & Europe

  • Cutting edge technology for accurate results

  • Pathogen detection

  • Virus detection

  • Friendly flora markers

  • Enzyme production marker

  • Inflammation marker

  • Immune system marker

  • Gluten intolerance marker

Testing and Cost:

GI Map - (Gold Star and most preferred test - detects pathogens DNA) $359 USD

GI Pathogen - $279