For our family living more in a natural way having access to natural solutions is really important to us that adds to our health.

So many products are full of toxic chemicals, synthetics, fillers and contaminants that can detract from our health.

Having access to clean, natural, organic products is something that we now are more conscious of, reading labels, understanding what is in the products we are bringing into our home, understanding what is being put into our bodies and within our home environment.

We actively use the environment working group’s website as a way to further increase our knowledge about products that are in the market place.

Challenge for you;

Give it a try, enter in a couple of ingredients from food or products you have and see where they land on the scale.

As well, we are using a couple of free App’s, Think Dirty and Healthy Living and scan products before we purchase them to further help and reduce toxins.

These are two really great App’s to scan products you have currently in your home.

Challenge for you:

Download these App’s and scan what’s under your sink and in your bathroom for starters.

If your health journey is anything like where we started, there was a huge purge that happened and a lot of aha moments filled with empowerment by ridding our homes of these awful toxic soup products to disappointment on how these products are marketed and why they can even by offered over the counter for purchase.

When we first started on our functional health journey this was a huge wake up call for us, seeing so many toxins and what ingredients where being used in products and the foods available to eat.

As a Mom, it is super important for me to protect my family and provide them clean, healthy products that are safe to use on their skin and in their body.

I trust using doterra Essential Oils, they are backed by scientific research, have a quality assurance and quality control program, which is something I wish I had demanded years ago from the over the counter products we used to purchase.

These are some of my tried, tested and true pure plant based essential oils that are relied upon to support our families health and my first starter kit that started our transformational change.

                                                Home Essentials Kit

                                                Home Essentials Kit

Some of my fave products we routinely use and have as staples in our home:

The basics

Additional Feminine Support

 If this has you more interested in learning more;

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