Detoxification Starts Here!

Detoxification Starts Here!

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Heavy Metals and chemical toxicity is at the root of the majority of cases of fatigue and it the primary case of hormone conditions and disease.

The accumulation creates a toxic burden on our detox system.

Metals and chemicals poison enzymes that transport nutrients into our cells mitochondira where our energy is made.

We are exposed to dozens of toxic metals and over 100 thousand chemicals on an ongoing basis, they are in are food, water and air.

Symptoms of heavy metal and chemical toxicity;

·     Fatigued

·     Unable to think clearly

·     Brain fog

·     Low thyroid

·     Nutrient deficiencies

·     Weight gain

·     Do not have the energy you used to

The good news is we can run a Hair Tissue Mineral Analysis (HTMA) to understand what heavy metals you may have and what minerals you are deficient in.

Minerals are incredibly important. They are the spark plugs of the body and poor mineral balance always equals poor health. Additionally, toxic metals are rampant in our environment. If you are chronically fatigued, you are toxic. No exceptions. 

  • Collection as easy as snipping of a little hair

  • Easily shipped from any country in the world

  • Identifies mineral levels, mineral patters and heavy metal toxicity

  • Helps customize a mineral program and dietary recommendations

Testing & Cost:

Heavy Metal Testing - HTMA - $129 USD