What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

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What kinda Work do I do

As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, I identify the root causes of conditions and health complaints. 🤓

I address the main pillars of health including, hormone, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production and the nervous system. 💯

I look to identify internal and external stressors that are causing malfunction and metabolic inefficiencies within your body.

This approach is meant to focus in on restoring proper function vs chasing symptoms.

I use diagnostic labs to identify underlying root causes.

Some common related symptoms that I commonly work with but not limited to:

• allergies

• acne, rosacea and other skin disorders

• blood sugar problems

• headaches, brain fog

• insomnia

• indigestion, bloating * fatigue, leathery

• inflammation, achy joints and muscles

• low sex drive, irregularly menstrual cycles, PMS

• depression and anxiety

• weight gain, weight loss

* food sensitivities

* anxiety, insomnia

I seek to uncover the root cause that is compromising normal function.

All sessions are conducted in a virtual setting making it easy to address your health concerns from the comfort of your home.