what does Nutrition and Summer have in common?

what does Nutrition and Summer have in common?

Summers almost here AND that means BATHING SUIT SEASON😯

Most people that come to me, are not comfortable with how they feel and want to take action!🤗

If you read my post yesterday you will know that there is loads of HOPE for losing weight, even if you are tired, frustrated and wanting to throw in the towel.

There is a way to address your stubborn metabolism.

Plan includes:

  • one month nutrition plan, with weekly checkins

  • targeted nutritional supplementation recommendations and

  • lifestyle recommendations designed to jump start and commence optimizing your way to HEALTH.

  • Check out my link in my Bio to get your Customized Nutrition Plan Today

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Why I added Nutrition Coaching into my Practice?

Why I added Nutrition Coaching into my Practice?

Part of addressing the root cause, is investigating ones DIET.


Even health food can cause us to gain weight! WHAT?😩


For most of my years I was able to maintain a steady weight, than came changes, moving countries, moving into a new city,  new home which all was great, BUT I UNDERESTIMATED the power of what STRESS can do to the body. ESPECIALLY when you IGNORE symptoms. Your body was designed to give you signals, which are in the form of symptoms. 


I discovered that my hormones were imbalanced, I had HPA dysfunction  (what is known amongst circles is adrenal fatigue), insulin resistant ( your body stores this as fat) and my gut needed to be eradicated from pathogens😲 By ignoring the physical symptoms my body was desperately trying to tell me I ran my system into the DITCH!


I also found myself weighing more than I was comfortable with and we all have that set point which makes us comfortable.


So, what did I do? Yes, I took to more exercise and cut calories.... after being Paleo, Keto and doing lots of intermittent fasting and fasting I drove myself completely off the rails, not mention I was starving.


So, I decided to add in Nutrition Coaching into my practice to learn the science and APPLICATION ( sounds sorta silly but this is a big missing component these days).


What I discovered was, that there is a way to restore your metabolism and also rebuild your hormone profile while addressing the root causes with Nutrition that allows your body to heal. AND this is where the magic all happens!


So what does this mean?


It means that once you heal your metabolism, getting it fired back to where it is supposed to be, you can finally start achieving your body composition goals of not only becoming a happier, healthier you BUT also see some FAT LOSS.


Ever been in a position like me where you have tried to exercise, I mean seriously working your butt off,  ate clean whole foods and still not lost weight? And in fact gained weight? 


Yah, me to! And I can totally relate and tell you that it totally SUXKS! Talk about being frustrated😡.


The thing is you are fighting against your body, and no matter how hard you try using this above technique AND CUT CALORIES you will lose every time. HUH?


If this resonates with you, I would be happy to help you on your journey.🤗


Customized Nutrition Plan

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What is Functional Diagnostic Nutrition?

Screen Shot 2018-05-18 at 10.05.51 AM.png


What kinda Work do I do

As a Certified Functional Diagnostic Practitioner, I identify the root causes of conditions and health complaints. 🤓

I address the main pillars of health including, hormone, immune system, digestion, detoxification, energy production and the nervous system. 💯

I look to identify internal and external stressors that are causing malfunction and metabolic inefficiencies within your body.

This approach is meant to focus in on restoring proper function vs chasing symptoms.

I use diagnostic labs to identify underlying root causes.

Some common related symptoms that I commonly work with but not limited to:

• allergies

• acne, rosacea and other skin disorders

• blood sugar problems

• headaches, brain fog

• insomnia

• indigestion, bloating * fatigue, leathery

• inflammation, achy joints and muscles

• low sex drive, irregularly menstrual cycles, PMS

• depression and anxiety

• weight gain, weight loss

* food sensitivities

* anxiety, insomnia

I seek to uncover the root cause that is compromising normal function.

All sessions are conducted in a virtual setting making it easy to address your health concerns from the comfort of your home.